This morning we watched lots and lots of walkers pass our house. We mugged our breakfast coffee and pondered on what was going on. It was a national holiday so I guessed there was some connection between Ascension Day and all the walkers. The event was organised by a local church society.

After lunch my friend was listening to music online. I thought in techno terms: downloading data and uploading personal information seemed like another very typical thing to do on this holy day.

In the late afternoon I drove to a meeting and passed a sprawling flea market in a village, off the highway track. It was very very busy with parked cars, and jams and people hanging around.

Finally, driving home from the meeting I listened to a midnight news talk show on the radio and heard that tonight is the Night of the Refugee. At least a thousand people are walking from Rotterdam to The Hague (40km) to raise money for people on the move. The last time I wandered around by myself late at night was after a party.