I am amazed by such haste and continuous smashing. Last night I watched The Avengers (2012). The hooliganism in this film is even less comprehensible when towards the end of the smash hit you see a street sign saying: We are insurance. We are farmers. The juxtaposition of the banality of the movie with this split second screenshot underlines "WTF?". What are the makers thinking and doing? And what has changed since the days I saw Star Wars (1977) and Superman (1978)? In these comic book movies the set was made up of hand crafted balsa wood models, lighting techniques from the theatre, a soundtrack that could stand alone and natural landscapes (both desert and ice wastelands) as a backdrop. It made a show of supero hero biographies. Those movies were both fast and slow paced, both luminous and dark. But the Avengers was loud, noisy, racy, battering, full of metal and machines and so-called technical high-art like CGI and 3D. It was a complete bore.

We are in an economic recession so perhaps the reason for hyperdrive, chaos, insensitivity and superficiality is poverty. These are times of shallow dumbness and there is no escaping it.