I took this picture at about 11:45. You can see that from the shadow on the sundial along the Thames in London and not from any metadata in the digital photograph. The sun is hot!

The end of the world is 21-12-2012 according to some and the most fun explanation in my mind is that the sun has a massive wobbly. With it's fat flares it fries all the hard disks in the world, and we crash into chaos 'cos the networks are down.

Timing is everything and the BBC radio pips too have their part to play in helping us mortals manage our way around town. The 5 (occaisionally 6) bleeps counting down the hour are subliminal stimuli reminding us to adjust our mechanical time pieces. More importantly the 1 kHz tones were used by mariners to calibrate their chronometers, a device used to determine longitude by means of celestial navigation. At sea you can pick up the Greenwich Time Signal on long wave (no pun intented) analogue radio. But on DAB radio The Pips are about 2 seconds late and on the internet they are delayed by up to 20 seconds.

Memory of the noon gun from Signal Hill in Cape Town resurfaces while writing this piece. It originally signalled the arrival of a ship in the bay and later served as calibration trigger for mariner's chronometers.