There's a new makerspace in Amsterdam at Zeeburgerpad (Seacitizenswalk) number 45. It's wonderfully located between a recycle shop and an independant brewery! The place is like a line of poetry - the brewery is called "Brouwerij 't IJ" and the secondhand shop is called "Juttersdok".

The street is a canal tributary of the water IJ. Phonetically the word "ij" refers to an egg. The recycle shop's name translated from Dutch to English is "beachcomber's dock". A dock is a space where ships can "land". So every Tuesday one can visit the ZB45 to etch, print, solder, sew and connect with like minds. Not so much for minds as for beings. Because here one makes instead of think and talk.

The image attached to this blog entry is of a soft drink. The staple liquid of a makerspace these days is Club Mate. The bottles pictured here are a caffeinated, carbonated, mate-extract beverage made by a German company.

Be at ZB45.

UPDATE: I made a mistake in the translation of the street name. The "burg" in Zeeburg is land that has been reinforced and raised with extra soil and dykes, to protect the settlement on it from rough water. The "er" in Zeeburgerpad donates belonging, making the word mean something more like "sea dam walk".