It was hot, and next to the bridge was a jetty so we stopped to hang our bare feet in the cool wetlands water. After dangling a restful while we stood up to continue our cycle ride. That is when I saw the empty container of tzatziki, white wine bottle and the menstruation pad in the water, between the reeds! What a waste. If stuff is used it is waste and not wanted any more? What better to do than to drop it right away.

The title of this blog item is the Dutch phrase that loops in my mind as I travel: Overal Afval. The English translation is less poetic but you could say: Waste Away.

Our next stop was the information and partake space (aka community centre) of the nature reserve where we had been cycling through. We had tea and I bought some Blokzijler Brok (never heard of it) - two big slabs. The biscuit is baked in Blokzijl, a town around the corner. The packaging didn't have a label with ingredients or eat-by-date but I guess this biscuit is a local version of speculaas - a spiced biscuit including cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pepper, ginger and cardamom.

The path between Genemuiden and Grafhorst was absolutely littered with empty chips packets and sweet drinks containers. It was the rubbish belt ride of the holidays.

On the train ride home (the sun was after supper) I saw a woman in traditional garments using a rake to gather newly mown grass. And I imagine the grass was cut with a scythe. The culture of efficiency (mechanisation, computerisation) was still a way away here, thankfully.