The sterile green carpets of grass were dotted with blooming yellow dandelion flowers this week. I tried taking photos of the flowers but couldn't focus on the subtle borders of the petals. Both my aging eyes and the cheap digital camera had problems with crisply defining the edges. I needed a polaroid lens I think to filter out the sun's UV light? The flowers mimick the ball of fire in the sky. I picture them in the clear blue sky. The buds don't need the intense colour contrast to attract insects - the seeds are spread by wind energy. So why are they so yellow when their environment is inevitably so green? They come out during the day, when it's sunny and everything is very light. In the evenings and when it rains they close up again. I  don't know why they choose to be retroreflectors.

Last year I bought a box of dandelion tea, in another country. Back home it was difficult to find it in the shops. I did find a packet of dandelion roots being sold, but not the leaves. The plant is considered a weed. It is so abundant there is no market for it because people can pick the flowers themselves? I eventually found a packet of dandelion tea. But I still want to grow my own, in neat rows in the garden or in a pot at the office.